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Nutritional Genetic Testing/Nutrigenomics
With the mapping of the human genome completed in 2003, scientists now have the ability to identify small variations in the genetic code that can lead to diminished health and wellness. This has led to the discovery of the field of Nutrigenomics that can determine how one’s diet interacts with one’s genes to effect different outcomes. Nutritional genetic testing is also available at The Nutrition Therapy CenterSM utilizing sophisticated testing technologies that are designed to accurately assess gene variations and ultimately provide information that can help guide nutritional regimens. The testing takes a peak into your genetic window to see where vulnerabilities lie that can have an impact on your health and well being. It tells you exactly where your genetic weaknesses may express themselves which is critical for planning the right diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes. The ultimate goal of nutritional genetic testing is to develop personalized nutrition programs for health and wellness based upon your unique genetic makeup. The Nutritional Genetic Assessment test looks for DNA variations (SNPs) in 12 key genes that are very important in your body’s overall health - specifically your genetic propensity for oxidative stress, detoxification, cardiovascular health, immune health, neurological health, pulmonary health, vision health and bone health. Your privacy is assured - all samples for testing are identified by barcode only and no personal information is shared.
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